Welcome to the E-Book Revolution

The truth about e-books is that they are not yet the revolution that everybody expected. Authors are not doubling their sales thanks to e-books. While thousands of e-books are downloaded every day, they are not anywhere near a replacement for paper books. However, there are predicitions that within the next few years, as many as 250 million people in 91 countries will be reading e-books.

As of right now, every major publishing company is putting out e-books—but it is still only an experiment in anticipation of the day e-books become a viable alternative to paperbooks.

What Exactly Are E-Books?
E-books are books that have been converted to digital format. E-books are ordered online and delivered electronically to a book buyer's computer or reading device in seconds. Authors and readers save money with no shipping, no taxes, and the lowest prices. Readers can even store many books conveniently on the same device.

An Inexpensive Alternative—The Cost to You
If you already have your book in digital format, the entire process is only $1,995. It's a little bit more if your book is only in hard copy. We will work with you to get your self publish book out in the market.

ABI Can Promote Your E-Book—Only $1995
Authors who use ABI's marketing services sell almost three times as many books as those who don't. If you are serious about selling your book, you should let ABI help with the important steps you should take to increase exposure of your new title.

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