About Us

Our award-winning artists, designers and editors are among
the best in the publishing industry!

Our Client List Includes:
* Columbia University
* the assistant to two United States Senators, now legal counsel to the Nassau County Legislature;
* the president of one of the world's largest banks;
* doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers;
* the president of one of America's most successful investment firms;
* a retired CEO of several multi-national companies;
* the country's largest dry-cleaning supplier
* many small and medium-sized publishing companies
* arts organizations
* magazines, newsletters, newspapers
* a top designer in cell-phone technology; and
* a wedding consultant.

From bankers to retired police officers, clients love the work that we do. Just listen to what several of them have to say:

"The cover is truly striking and moving . . .The best."
--His Eminence John Cardinal O'Connor on the book by:
--Father James Sheehan
--The Father Who Didn't Know My Name

"Until I found ASPB, I was ripped off by literary agents who billed me for reading fees, editors who charged me for rotten work and designers who cost an arm and a leg. But thanks to ASPB, I now have a gorgeous best-selling book, I've been on over 1,000 radio stations and three publishers including Random House have contacted me about taking on my book. I love these guys!"
--Maryam Jorjani
--What's Wrong With Being Single?

"Did I also mentioned that Time Warner Books called to say that they were interested in looking over my novel thanks to you?"
--Abbie Kessler
--Dear Monica

"Barnes and Noble keeps re-ordering my book over and over again and it's all because of the beautiful book you did for me! I keep getting speaking engagement after speaking engagement. I can hardly keep up with them."
--Janet Collins
--Pass Me A Poem

"The Los Angeles Times named my book one of the Top Ten Best Books of 2000! Plus, one of the top syndicated columnists in America also named my book to his Top Ten List! What a job of design, editing and promotion you did. You guys are GREAT!"
--David Schumacher, PhD
--Buy and Hold

"You want to know what you guys did for me? I'm now in my fourth printing, The Chicago Tribune raved about my book. You're the best. Thank you so much."
--Charlie Larimer
--Love and Valor

"Prentice Hall and John Wiley called to tell me that they want my book. Can you believe it? They took one look at the self-published book you designed and edited for me and they both contacted me--I went with Prentice, by the way!"
--R. Scott Lewis
--PC-Based Cell Phone Technology


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