Self-Publishing Stories

The following list includes examples of the help self publishing books can give to a writer who is just starting out in their career. There is many a novelist, business book writer, and essayist that have enjoyed enormous success thanks to self publishing. Whether you have a biography to write that you feel would interest a large number of readers, a family history with a very important or inspirational message, or a thrilling novel that will keep readers turning pages, we can help you create a beautiful and professional package. Do you have a business memoir that you have already written? Do you have a great idea for a novel that you would like for us to ghost write? ABI can help!


Any Kind of Book: Fiction, Biography, Autobiography, Business Memoir, Business Book, Children's Book & ...


Buy and Hold
Sample Books

Over 40,000 books sold in its first year, and now in its fifth printing, Buy and Hold by Dr. David Schumacher was selected as one of the top 10 books of the year by the Los Angeles Times.  Dr. Schumacher passed on his original publisher, John Wiley, and instead opted for ABI. His next book is also being published by ABI.

Fortunate Soldier

It is now among the hottest books being read by our soldiers around the world and especially in Iraq. It took Vietnam vet and internationally renowned corporate manager Pat Moffett six years to write his memoir, Fortunate Soldier—with help from ABI . The effort was well worth it. Now, the book is currently in the process of being optioned by one of Hollywood's biggest producers and set to explode on movie screens in 2007. This terrific book shows us a side of the Vietnam War we rarely hear about: the amusing, often hilarious tales of pranks, parties, unofficial missions and end-runs around rules that were a part of daily life for thousands of soldiers stationed in Vietnam.


The United States Armed Forces is always looking for a few good men—and women.  And when the U.S. military went looking for a publishing company, they found it in Arbor Books. Staff sergeant Harold Brickel, one of the Army's top recruitment specialists, found that the services provided by ABI were right on target for his book, Atten-TION!. The Sarge and his savvy book scored a direct hit with the media, military brass and future recruits.

They Said it Was Murder

The subject of the Oscar-winning documentary Murder on a Sunday Morning, and with upcoming interviews now scheduled for Oprah, Montel, Inside Edition and many other major TV and radio shows, as well as newspapers, Brent Butler and his family are delighted with the way his book was created by ABI. They Said It Was Murder is the shocking true-life account of Brent's horrific ordeal, from accusation of murder to imprisonment and from trial to final exoneration.

The World at My Feet

When one of the world's first female commercial airline pilots was cruising for a publishing company, she looked at many firms, but ultimately landed with ABI. This pioneering aviator decided that ABI had the "right stuff."  Look for the high-flying Captain Getline to appear across the nation in newspapers (The Denver Post and others), TV (The View), and in your onboard flight magazines (that's the magazine stowed on the back of the seat in front of you—aboard EVERY plane in the world!).  And because of her book, The World at My Feet, she is now a regular columnist with USA Today ("From the Cockpit")! The latest news from Meryl: Because of her book, Meryl was picked up by one of the top literary agents in America, and she now has a two-book deal with St. Martin's Press.

Real Numbers

The book that revolutionized the accounting field with its approach to "lean accounting and management" is now in its third printing.  The authors of Real Numbers figured out that what other book-publishing companies offered just didn't add up. The bottom line: They counted on ABI for their final choice.

Movie Sets 101

Movie producer and rising Hollywood superstar Paul Salamoff has seen his own fair share of box-office hits. So when he wrote his book, Movie Sets 101, he wanted the red-carpet treatment and another smash hit.  There was only one place to turn to for those kind of results—Arbor Books. Paul's book has gotten rave reviews and "two thumbs up" from both readers and critics alike.  It's already a modern classic in cinematic circles and required reading in just about every film school.  Now it's your turn. What are you waiting for? You don't want to cry like Brando did: "I coulda been a contender! I coulda been somebody!"

A Cut Above

The "Afro": Perhaps the most famous hairstyle and fashion statement of the 20th century. The man behind the Afro is multimillionaire hair-care legend Cornell McBride, whose line of salon products is known throughout the world.  So where does one of the biggest names in fashion go to create his own mark, his own style? That's right: Arbor Books, where Mr. McBride knew he was getting a book that would turn heads. A Cut Above and its author have been appearing all over the media, at universities and trade shows—even churches! This powerful story of rags to riches, faith and perseverance has resonated with people everywhere.  The first 10,000 copies sold out in just a few short months.

Warning Track

First he was the announcer for the Cleveland Indians; now, he announces games for the Colorado Rockies. Sportscaster extraordinaire Jack Corrigan has been calling baseball games for more than 20 years.  Finally, it was Jack's turn to step up to home plate and hit one out of the park.  The result was Warning Track, a riveting thriller centering on steroid abuse in major-league baseball. So who did Jack want on his publishing and publicity team? Why, Arbor Books, of course! Jack looked for a lineup that could carry him to first place: experience, talent and depth. Why not make Arbor Books your first choice when you're looking for a first-place finish?

Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies

It began with a prepublication order of 10,000 copies by Barnes & Noble—before the book was even published! It debuted on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble best-seller list when the publication date was announced. It was linked to Ann Coulter's latest book immediately. Destined to be an instant classic, Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies by radio talk-show host Greg Jackson has been endorsed by just about every major Republican superstar in the country.  The spectacular success of his book, a brilliantly executed political bombshell that has Democrats quaking in their Birkenstocks, has turned Greg into one of the country's fastest-rising media stars and has opened up doors to the young author that would have otherwise remained closed.

Secrets of a Tee Time Girl

What a great idea: Take two great American obsessions (weight loss and shoes) then combine with self-publishing and what do you get? A best seller!  Author Dr. Isabelle R. Shaw couldn't find a publisher for her cutting-edge method for losing weight, The Shoe Diet.  So she took the next step: She published and marketed her book on her own.  Faster than you can say "Manolo Blahnik alligator boots," she found herself walking onto The Today Show and into the pages of First For Women Magazine.  Who knew that a diet of Gucci and Ferragamo could help you lose weight!  Remember anything worth doing is worth doing in a fabulous pair of shoes—especially self-publishing!

Secrets of a Tee Time Girl
is a hilarious collection that takes a look at the world of golf from the unique perspective of the beverage-cart girl—the most important person on the links outside of a blind scorekeeper. Known to golfers everywhere as "tee-time girls," these gorgeous gals are to golf what the U.S. Coast Guard is to boaters and the St. Bernard is to skiers. The book has been the subject of articles in Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest and hundreds of radio shows. Arbor Books helped author Nicole Kallis shoot one hole-in-one after another!

Amish Confidential

Tell-alls are as good as gold when it comes to book sales. Add a touch of scandal and you have the makings of a best-seller. That's the recipe for Amish Confidential, author Chris Burkholder's no-holds-barred account of growing up Amish. This insider's view of sex, drugs and depravity in the Amish community has rocked the Midwest—and now the country. And whom did Chris turn to for the creation of the book and its publicity? ABI—the first name in independent publishing. With 4,000 books presold, and with appearances on Good Morning America, Montel and every other major talk show, Burkholder's brutally frank behind-the-scenes look at what most people think of as an enviable idyllic lifestyle will now soon be a startling major motion picture.

Jus' Plain Ole Daisy

Move over Harry Potter—there's a new kid on the block! Elliot Finley's Jus' Plain Ole Daisy is the kind of book that many a children's author has fantasized about. But author Pamela Hebert decided to turn her fantasy into something real: a book that is breathing fire into the children's literary market. Filled with demons, dragons and children in peril, it's a book that has captured the imagination of adults and kids alike.

How Dog Food Saved the Earth

80,000 copies sold in one shot! How? Through corporate sponsorship—many an author's dream come true. That's exactly what happened to management consultant Anthony Zolezzi with How Dog Food Saved the Earth. Now on his third book with Arbor Books, Zolezzi was able to cut a deal with industry giant Petco.

Alta Fay's Allegiance

Amber Ellis is the kind of person that makes most of us wonder what we're doing with our life.  Amber is a wife, mother, teacher, artist, union activist, Army reservist (officer, active duty, MP), entrepreneur, construction worker—and accomplished author.  Her first book, Alta Fay's Allegiance, landed her on radio, TV and newspapers throughout the Midwest.  Based loosely on family lore and tales handed down from relatives, the book is a moving look at life during the Depression. Her second book, Running Mad, is already on the way!

Building a Global Success

A call from the International Monetary Fund and UBS led pharmaceutical giant HIKMA (stock symbol) and it's chairman of the board and founder, Samih Darwazah, to choose Arbor Books and its imprint (Hudson Books) to publish his business memoir, Building a Global Success. Both Harvard and Columbia Universities' Schools of Business have endorsed the book. Darwazah, a former Minister of Energy in the Jordanian Cabinet, is appearing on radio, TV and in the print media discussing his book and now other subjects as he promotes his multinational company and an international agenda that includes world peace, health and understanding amongst people of all religions and political beliefs.

One Minute Manager

Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson self-published The One Minute Manager back in 1981. They went on to sell more than 20,000 copies before signing reprint rights to William Morrow.  Today the tiny book (112 pages) is still on The Wall Street Journal's business best-seller list—a quarter of a century later. During that time, Mr. Blanchard's consulting firm has grown to 250 employees from 13 in 1981. Blanchard himself commands up to $70,000 a lecture. estimates he has earned possibly $100 million in speaking engagements alone—all because of his self-published book. One of his lecture agents, Christy Ballard at the Washington Speakers Bureau, says, "The One Minute Manager is why people call."

Perfect Health

Hard to believe, but there was a time that international super-guru Deepak Chopra couldn’t get published.  But the enterprising world-changer didn’t let that stop him.  He decided to take matters into his own hands and chose to self-publish Perfect Health. Ultimately, as his fame and influence grew, he sold the publishing rights to Crown. Now, he is the author of 25 books (including nine N.Y. Times best-sellers) and more than 100 audio, video and CD-ROM titles. He has been published on every continent and in dozens of languages. Ten million copies of his books have been sold in English alone.

Hereos Don't Always Wear Capes

Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes is the nationally acclaimed young-adult novel that is sweeping the nation and is being ordered by one school district after another.  Author Stefania Shaffer, herself a teacher, gave up a successful career in television advertising to devote her life to education.  Now her new book is being compared to Up The Down Staircase and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. It’s an incredible achievement that ABI is proud to have been a part of.

Cancer, Cures, Causes and Preventions

Camille Melli didn't have to die of breast cancer. Her husband and best friend of 34 years promised himself that what happened to Camille wouldn't happen to other women, or anyone else for that matter. So Bob Melli, a successful New York mortgage broker, walked away from his career to uncover the cures for, causes of, and ways to prevent cancer. The real tragedy is that what Bob found could probably have saved Camille's life. Cancer Cures, Causes and Prevention is the book both Bob and Camille wished that they had when Camille was diagnosed with cancer. In that sense, it is a promise fulfilled, and Arbor Books was the company Bob chose to help fulfill that promise.

Forever Cool

Each year, 75 million Baby Boomers spend $100 billion on clothes—but you’d never know it by looking at them. Just ask one of America’s leading style consultants, Sherrie Mathieson. Alarmed at her fellow Boomers' lack of fashion sense, Sherrie set out to change the look of an entire generation. So Sherrie went looking for a publishing company with the style, sophistication and design sense to match her vision. The result is Forever Cool, a guide for those fashion-challenged among us. Forever Cool will forever change the look of middle age! Arbor Books will forever change the look of publishing.


Famous Self-Publishing Stories

The Donald has jumped into self-publishing, teaming up with bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki to publish on their own their independently produced book about investing, Why We Want You to be Rich. The authors decided to eschew major publishing houses for a number of reasons.  While Kiyosaki has maintained a lasting relationship with Warner Books, publisher of his Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, Trump is embroiled in a lawsuit against Warner over his book, TrumpNation. Trump said, "You're Fired!" to Warner and the results have been spectacular!  Profits have been soaring!  By the way: Kiyosaki is no stranger to self-publishing; he put out his first Rich Dad book this way in 1997 and, after it reached bestseller status, signed on with Warner. The entire series has gone on to sell millions of copies. Now that's something to get "fired" up about.

Originally a university instructor and nonfiction writer, Robert James Waller wanted to write a book that spoke from his heart. The novel he created, The Bridges of Madison County, went on to become a national best-seller. However, at first, no publisher was interested in the book, so Waller self-published his book, going from store to store, selling his books on consignment and offering buyers a money-back guarantee. Word of mouth was so positive about the book that almost no one wanted a refund, and the book started selling through the roof. Soon, the book hit the best-seller lists, and rights were acquired for the movie version starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood.

It was Warner editor Joann Davis who acquired The Celestine Prophecy, created by inspirational speaker James Redfield, after a sales rep out in Denver brought the book to her attention. Warner bought world rights for $800,000, a bargain in retrospect but a hefty outlay at the time (1992) for a book by an unknown author. The Warner hardcover edition was on Publishers Weekly's hardcover fiction list for 64 weeks, 26 of them in the No. 1 position. The fact is that along with The Bridges Of Madison County, Celestine is credited with launching the modern no-publisher publishing revolution, particularly the aspect that involves what is called crossover, where self-published books are bought by big-name publishers.

Utah native Richard Paul Evans' 87-page paperback, The Christmas Box, was originally self-published as a gift for his family and friends. So he had originally printed only 20 copies of his short parable about a parental love. When people in Salt Lake City, where he lives, began asking local bookstores for it (one bookseller received 10 orders), Evans figured he was on to something and decided to find a publisher. But after repeated rejections, he self-published, starting with 3,000 copies. The book became a hit (he sold 700,000 on his own!), eventually winding up in a bidding war between publishing houses. Simon and Schuster won the hardcover rights, and the 32-year-old author won a $4.2 million advance and a contract for a follow-up.

A thrilling best-seller and movie deal were the culmination of the Term Limits self-publishing story. Failing at first to interest any big publisher in his commercial page-turner, Term Limits (a political thriller), Minnesota author Vince Flynn got himself a book packager, ordered 2,000 copies of his new book, stored them at his house, and started hand-delivering the book to local stores and distributors. "I got out there and met these people, and it really made a difference," Flynn recalls. By the end of the month, his books had sold out. Then the agents and publishers started calling. He signed with ICM and, while golfing with friends, Flynn said he nearly fell out of the cart when he got a call on his cell phone offering him a mid-six-figure two-book deal from Pocket Books.

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